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Rocky always says that if you want to smoke, please do.  He honestly doesn’t care. He even encourages you to smoke while watching his videos, and is an advocate for smoker’s rights.  He firmly believes that no one can tell you what to do, and you really don’t have to stop, because smoking is, in the end, a choice.  Your health may suffer, you may hate yourself, and like 1/5 of Americans each year you may even die from smoking, but you can smoke if you want.

But if you smoke, and you wish you didn’t, Rocky cares a great deal.  He cares about nothing more than getting you out of this trap, the same one that held him captive for years.  Ever since Rocky found freedom in 1987, helping others get free has been his life’s work, and his greatest passion. He tried quitting every way he could, but it wasn’t until he started coming at it from a completely opposite way of thinking that he broke free, and in so doing he’s been helping others get free since 1991. Rocky’s coached all kinds, from the guy down the street, to a top 100 Forbes billionaire who had tried all the best specialists in the country, and nearly lost a limb from smoking, before finding Rocky and getting free.

Rocky has made the first of his four hour-long videos free, so you can see what he’s all about before dropping a dime.  And always feel free to drop him a line.  You’ll find Rocky’s email on the contact page.

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