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You’ve tried everything.


Try the opposite approach.

Rocky Rosen, The Cigarette Whisperer, Is Your Personal Stop-Smoking Coach

We at The Cigarette Whisperer are 100% committed to your success.

Feel free to smoke while watching, keep an open and skeptical mind, and get ready to be smoke-free in just a few days!

Do you smoke?  If so, you’re spending money on something that’s keeping you trapped and ultimately will cost you so much more than just money.

So for about the cost spent a pack a day smoker spends in a single month of smoking you can become free from the total grip tobacco/nicotine has over you… for life.

Give us a few hours of your time and take back the rest of your life.

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So maybe you’ve tried everything and so far nothing has worked. We get it, It’s not your fault.

You see the problem is that almost every approach to stop smoking tries to convince you that you don’t want to smoke, but you do want to smoke, and some part of you always will. Other approaches try to get rid of your urges to smoke, but the urges will never fully go away.

Rocky teaches you how to use the urges to smoke as the way to get free rather than always trying to fight and ignore your urges, and why you’ll feel accomplished instead of deprived.

Thanks for everything.   If you have any questions please feel free to write or call me.



The truth is, after 24 hours without a cigarette, nicotine levels in your body are nearly untraceable, no matter how long you’ve been smoking.  The physical addiction isn’t hard to beat. It’s that bond you’ve formed with cigarettes, through all the highs and lows and everyday moments you’ve shared with them.

If you’re honest, it’s an abusive one-sided relationship, the kind of demanding frenemy you’d never allow in your life, and never give so much of your time. Cigarettes don’t even really provide pleasure, just relief from a craving–they feel good only because you’ve been feeling bad without them.

So you got tricked into an unhealthy relationship with cigarettes when you were young. So what. Smart people do stupid things everyday. You don’t have to feel guilty, and no matter how badly you want to smoke, you don’t have to suffer the consequences anymore, because you really don’t have to keep smoking.

Everyone will stop smoking at some point. Do you want to stop while you’re healthy or when you’re not? This is about quality of life, not quantity.  This is about you, taking a few hours to take back the rest of your life.  Give yourself just a fraction of the time and attention you give to cigarettes, and suddenly they won’t have so much to offer anymore.


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Give us a few hours of your time and take back the rest of your life.

The Cigarette Whisperer is to be done in 4 consecutive days – about an hour per day. Each session should be spread out over 24 hours. Read the Day’s notes at the end of each session that you will find on the video tab. If you will do the simple work as it is laid out you will be smoke-free before you know you stopped. Good luck and let us now how this works for you.

What To Expect

• You will learn to stop hating yourself for smoking
• You will learn to welcome, not fear, your urges to smoke
• You will learn that urges to smoke are not the problem—they are the condition—and smoking is the problem
• You will learn how to get comfortable when uncomfortable